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Super Mom, Business Owner, Best Selling Author, and Gluten-free lifestyle expert!

About Blogging

I challenge my readers daily to be extraordinary. Being an inspiration for our children and other women in our lives. Being a positive force of shining light. Blogging is an outlet for sharing crafting projects, allergy friendly recipes and Mommy moments to create inspiration and connection in life.

Blog Contributor:
SunButter Blog – Nut Free Recipes

My Creative Process

Seeing the light and joy in the faces of the people who receive my gifts is all I need to keep dreaming of new ideas. Flours, thread, printed fabric, glue, vibrant colors, and paint are some of my favorite things to use.

My Inspiration

My girls, childhood memories, old photographs, vintage cookbooks, cookie cutters, and Pinterst inspire me.


Why Gluten Free you ask?

Honestly I could go on about this topic for days. This is my explanation of why I choose to live a gluten free life style. I am going to try to keep a long story short for you.

When I was in my teens I was diagnosed with ulcerative colitis, which is basically ulcers in the colon. OK, you don’t have to google that now. Then at the age of 16 I was told by my medical doctor I would never be able to have children. At the time I didn’t really question it, really who at 16 wants kids.

Fast forward……

I continued to take my steroids and other medicine for my colitis and excluded nuts and seeds from my diet. I never really felt better and continued to struggle with my intestines and colon bleeding from time to time. I had maxed out my steroids and could not take anymore for the pain. I basically learned to live with it. In the Winter of 2007 I had emergency surgery for appendicitis. The surgeon sent my appendix for a biopsies because he did not know what was growing all over them. Turns out I had endometriosis on several of my organs. I began to research endometriosis disease and what I found opened my eyes. In the 2009 I went to my primary OB/GYN and requested a Lap. He denied it and told me to take more pregnancy pills. This was not helping I had been on the pill since the age of 14, with no relief. I was upset and crying when I left his office. My husband was not happy with the doctor and his interaction. I called the OB/GYN’s office back and demanded an appointment with the head of the office. Dr. T was honest and I still appreciate his integrity. He told me that they did not have anyone in the practice who was familiar with endometriosis and told me to find a specialist. I found Dr. Rana, I love this doctor. Dr. Rana is one of a few specialist in the US who specializes in endometriosis and infertility. Dr. Rana operated in the Spring of 2010, I was the second worse case he had seen in 30 years of practice. During my surgery he called in 2 other doctors to help. My intestines were attached to my organs and my diaphragm. They basically dissected my body. Dr. Rana ran several blood test; low and behold I have a gluten intolerance.

The discovered gluten intolerance along with my research where I found wheat and process sugar feed the endometriosis cells in my body – led me to choose a gluten free life style.

Since going gluten free I have lost 60 pounds, am pain free, no longer feel tired, take no medicine for colitis, and became a Mommy to two little girls.

If you too are curious about going gluten free, I encourage you to try it. I took me about 3 weeks to notice a difference and about 3 months for a complete turn around in my life.

I choose to be gluten and dairy free.

My mission is to re-create the foods I grew up eating gluten and dairy free! Join me as I transform recipes from my Mom and Grandma, along with inspiration from other sources.

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