Fermenting for the Soul

Good Ole Fashion Pickles.  I mean really Old World style like you find at the European Corner Markets in a vibrant city.  The pickles that make you grow hair on your chest (joking).  Most of us grew up on American pickles made with vinegar.  I never really liked dill pickles as a child.  I grew up and tasted a pickle made in Poland and fell in LOVE!  

Pickles which are fermented create good bacteria which is needed by our guts to heal and stay healthy.  Dr. Wahls teaches Eating more fermented foods is a terrific way to support the health-promoting bacteria that live in your bowels. …filled with vitamins, minerals, and good bacteria such as lactobacillus species and health promoting yeasts in saccharomyces family which suppress the candida yeasts that cause so much trouble for people.” So join us in some fermenting for your soul and gut.

Our Healing with Food community came over last Saturday for organic pickle making.  I shared the recipe I have used in the past to make pickles and dill carrots.  Yes, you can do this with carrots too. The girls got involved and had so much fun.  We had great conversations and just some community building with love.  I was excited to see many, who I have been missing over the summer. 

Franki’s first jar of homemade pickles.  We made up a few special blue jars to share.  These have 3 mini cucumbers each.  The girls will be making a note to go with them and taking to a few people on the street.  

It can get messy but it is a mess of blessings.

Here is the recipe:

Makes 1 quart sized jar

2 cloves of garlic
2 sprigs of fresh dill (the flowered heads of the dill taste the best for these pickles, so use them if you can get them)
½ tsp coriander seeds
¼ tsp mustard seeds
¼ tsp whole peppercorns
1/8 tsp red pepper flakes
2 cups of water
1 tablespoon sea salt
optional ingredients:
onion or a clean rock piece to weigh the cucumbers down and keep them submerged in the brine

Decide what size pickles you would like and cut your cucumbers into your desired size. Keep in mind that sliced cucumbers will ferment faster than whole cucumbers. Pack your cucumber slices into your jar. Pack them tight! Add the spices on top. Mix the water and sea salt together until the salt is dissolved. Pour your water/salt over the pickles. Leave about an inch of space between the water and the top of the jar. All the cucumbers must be submerged in the water. If you are having trouble getting them totally submerged, you may need to add a “weight” to the jar to keep them submerged. You can use an onion or you may also add a clean rock if you don’t want to use an onion.
Put a top on your jar and leave on the counter for 3 days. Test a pickle on day 3. If it is to your liking, put the jar in the fridge. This stops the fermentation process. You won’t have to worry about keeping the pickles submerged once they go in the fridge. If the pickles are not to your liking, keep testing them each day. You know they are perfect when they taste great to you and they still have their crunch. If you leave them out on the counter too long, they will lose their crunch and get really soft so it’s important to put them in the fridge when they are to your liking. 
Your pickles will keep for 6 months in the fridge. Enjoy!

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